How to Invest


Cordillera Minerals Flow-Through Limited Partnership private placements are provided by way of an Offering Memorandum and can be purchased by accredited and eligible Canadian investors through an Agent, Distributor or Securities Dealer or by contacting Cordillera Minerals Group Ltd. directly.

If you are considering an investment in a Cordillera Minerals Flow-Through Limited Partnership by Offering Memorandum, click here.

To participate, complete for all purchasers:

  1. Place order on Funserv.
  2. Collect funds - following payment method instructions.

* Method for collecting funds -page II - certified cheque/bank draft/wire transfer.

  1. Deliver completed subscription agreement:

* By email to, or
* By courier to Fieldhouse Capital Management Inc.(1122 Mainland St #230 Vancouver, BC  V6B 5L1)

How to complete Sub Docs:

  1. First page - initial all applicable boxes (but the first two are mandatory for every participant).
  2. Page two (II) - instructions for appropriate payment method (ex. cheque payable to Fieldhouse or wire to FCMI at RBC)
  3. Page three (III) - signature and information of purchaser.
  4. Page four (IV) - continued information required about the purchaser (including SIN, email, contact number and address)
  5. Page five (V) - registration specifics and delivery instruction if different from Purchaser information, otherwise check the box.

* Purchaser's account number is referenced here.
* Delivery instruction specifics example: Institution Name In/Trust/For: Client Name

  1. Page six (VI) - printed name and signature of Purchaser
  2. Page seven (VII) - Cordillera FT LP to sign off.
  3. Page 19 - Initial applicable status (j, k, or l) then complete and sign the corresponding Exhibit to that Schedule.

* Schedules and Exhibits indicated on the front page will match the status certification selected in this section.

  1. Page 24 - signature required.
  2. Complete, initial and sign the corresponding Exhibits (I, II, or III) and Schedules (A, B, C).

FINAL STEP - Either Email or Courier Subscription Agreement

A completed and executed copy of all subscription documents must be delivered directly to the Administrator, Fieldhouse Capital Management Inc. (on behalf of the General Partner), or, to your approved dealer for delivery to the Administrator (on behalf of the General Partner) at the following address (which may include email delivery):

Cordillera Minerals 2021 Management Ltd.
c/o Fieldhouse Capital Management Inc.
1122 Mainland St #230
Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1
Attention: John Kason

As each investor's financial situation is unique it is advised that you contact your investment advisor to see if an investment in Cordillera Minerals Flow-Through is suitable for you. It is also advised that you take the time to personally review the offering memorandum and applicable securities laws including National Instrument 45-106.