Our Company

Investment Manager

Fieldhouse Capital Management Inc. (FHCM) is a private limited liability company organized under the federal laws of Canada. FHCM was incorporated in Sept of 2007 to engage in the business of offering investment and trading advice in conjunction with portfolio management services for managed and non-directed investment accounts. Fieldhouse Capital Management has offices in Vancouver and Prince George, BC.

John Kason, Portfolio Manager

John Kason is the lead Portfolio Manager of the Enhanced Pension Plus Fund offered by Fieldhouse Capital Pro Funds. This fund provides exposure to both public and private asset classes in a tactical balanced approach. John Kason is a Chartered Investment Manager and Certified Financial Planner and has over 20 years industry experience in the financial services industry and acts as Portfolio Manager at Fieldhouse Capital Management Inc. Over the past 20 years John has assisted a wide range of public and private companies raising over 50 million dollars in financings. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of tax planning and tax advantaged investments.